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Prince Eric Nichols was born and raise in the city of Chester, PA  until the age of 15 where him and his family relocated to Wilmington, DE. Since an adolescent Prince Eric Nichols has been honing his craft.

Eric developed a conceptual art style that uses different textiles pertaining to the subject that he's creating resulting in a beautiful art montage. Prince Eric Nichols uses an array of mediums both digital and tangible. Eric is inspired by different cultural designs, patterns. and textiles which remains evident in his work.

Prince Eric  makes a vast amount of pieces such as digital renderings of celebrated figures, conceptual paintings, hand made (both sewn & painted) articles of clothing, and 1 of 1 furniture/ art pieces.

Prince Eric Nichols hopes to educate, inspire, and give a different perspective on black people, and their everyday lives through the lens of his artwork. He also wants to create more value to the black aesthetic and how black people's products are viewed in the world.

The offshoot clothing brand Melanarchy, is based off of Prince Eric's art and designs (both digital & physical).     

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